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Fart Rocketeer

After eating an old bowl of Brussels sprouts, Eddie Feathers shrank to the size of a pineapple. At this scale his interminable flatulence gives him unbelievable upward thrust - as long as he keeps on eating sprouts. How far will Eddie s new-found propulsions system take him? That s up to you! Fart Rocketeer spiele,Fart Rocketeer spielen,Fart Rocketeer spielaffe,Fart Rocketeer schminken,Fart Rocketeer pc,Fart Rocketeer anziehen,Fart Rocketeer kostenlos,Fart Rocketeer spiele für kinder,coole Fart Rocketeer spiele,Fart Rocketeer spiele 1001,Fart Rocketeer classic spielen.

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