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Explore infinite space and come across billions of different and unique planets that you can land on, and trade with other species, fully dynamic background galaxy and stars with an unbelievable amount of randomly generated content almost anything can happen from escaping deadly supernova explosions, finding fruits and plants on a lush planet you just discovered to strange cosmic anomalies and wormholes. Find asteroids to mine to increase your minerals and increase your cash to upgrade your ship as you continue to dwelve deeper and deeper into the universe on your quest to find the Everstar! Everstar spiele,Everstar spielen,Everstar spielaffe,Everstar schminken,Everstar pc,Everstar anziehen,Everstar kostenlos,Everstar spiele für kinder,coole Everstar spiele,Everstar spiele 1001,Everstar classic spielen.

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