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Deadman Rush

Love is in the air! Even zombie has a space in heart to love and to be loved. The story seems like fairy tale, in an apocalyptic kinda way. Young zombie boy has a crush and want to take it to the next level. But real life is not always a happy ending fairy tale, some bastards human crashed his crush until it becomes dust. And revenge never come far from it. Help this broken heart young zombie to take revenge on his lover, avoid the obstacles in the way and chase the zombie slayer. Keep run and jump before the sun getting high. The zombie has 3 basic abilities to jump and skip obstacles and also bite human and robot that disrupt your way. Upgrade the zombie to become stronger, run faster, and bite harder so he can avenge his girlfriend. With unique and twisted story, you ll be entertain by how the ending would be. Find out, will the young zombie can take revenge? Deadman Rush spiele,Deadman Rush spielen,Deadman Rush spielaffe,Deadman Rush schminken,Deadman Rush pc,Deadman Rush anziehen,Deadman Rush kostenlos,Deadman Rush spiele für kinder,coole Deadman Rush spiele,Deadman Rush spiele 1001,Deadman Rush classic spielen.

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